The Meekness of Mephibosheth…Wait, Who???

Mephibosheth before King David

Mephibosheth before King David

Have you ever heard of the biblical character named Mephibosheth? He is only mentioned once in the entirety of the biblical narrative and his story is placed in the book of 2 Samuel 9. I do not believe that I have ever heard a sermon, read a blog/book, or heard anyone talk about the story of Mephibosheth, but it is a story that has always gripped the depths of my heart. It is a story, that at times, has made me cry (yes, I do that sometimes). Continue reading

A Welcoming of the Semester Ahead


I returned from Colorado almost 2 weeks ago and since have been working hard with our staff team to prepare for the beginning of a new semester. I have been involved with three different retreats since being back, and I just got back today from the last of the three. This last retreat was for the student leaders in our church and it was as impassioning for me as I believe it was for our students. It is a privilege to lead students who have a deep passion for the Lord and college ministry.

I thoroughly enjoyed the remainder of my time in Colorado Continue reading

Shame on the Enlightenment

UnknownI have been co-teaching a workshop the past four weeks on the Witness of the Church. It has proved to be a great deal of fun and particularly challenging in a few areas. In any case, we have been unpacking some themes in Scripture that give form to the idea of God’s people as witnesses.

In the first week we talked about how a witness primarily has to do with a way of being as opposed to any of sort of doing that we appropriate to what it might mean to be a witness. Simply put, God has made us witnesses in Christ. It is a part of our identity and therefore it is part and parcel to what it means to be a follower of Jesus. Witness as Identity is foundational in understanding what it means for Church as a witness to Jesus Christ. It is all about learning to be what we have already become.

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